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Lonely, widowed, and desperately poor, seventy-three-year-old Miriam is used to living a life of isolation. But when she comes across a lost traveler one stormy night, she knows she must do the right thing, so she invites the stranger into her modest home for a bite of food until the weather passes.

The man, Raja, is tall, handsome, and respectful—with a manner unlike anyone from the small village where Miriam lives. But even greater surprises await when the two arrive back at her residence and Raja reveals a seemingly impossible past—and claims he has known and loved Miriam almost her entire life.

Set against the exotic backdrop of Central Asia in the 1940s, Unusual Love Story is a mythical tale featuring thought-provoking wisdom on love, spirituality, and what it truly means to be human. In a unique take on romantic storytelling, this sweeping novel introduces readers to a magical new world where immortal creatures can shift between man and beast—and compassion and kindness break the barriers that so often separate us as human beings.

Rating: 5 stars


Unusual Love Story by A. Amos is definitely an interesting and intriguing read for all. From the beginning of its tale, I was immersed deeply into a  woman’s harsh lifestyle and the why’s of how she is living like she has. I remember studying about Central Asia, how low caste people are treated among their own. It’s heartbreaking…the woman and her family were just trying to be good humans and yet people cruelty caused the death of her family and others. Tragedy strikes hard in situations like that. I can only imagine the fictional character’s pain as those evil moments are replayed in her mind. My heart and sympathy went out to her immediately.  Another character that sparks interest is the male stranger, Raja. It’s soon revealed that he’s not just a human but also, a king Cobra. At first, this frightens Miriam but soon fear subsides. Here, I find fantasy and sorcery brought into the plot. The writing goes back and forth between the past and present moments. Raja goes on to say that life gives us harsh tests in our lifetime to prove how strong we are in our belief of the higher power. I believed this fictional character was indeed right. A woman once 74 years-old turned back into her 18-year-old self. Making love to Raja, the king cobra all night long…when she wakes, they both head out of her hut and travel. For those who don’t like snakes…beware, this novel, is full of them. Raja, after all, is a king cobra.

Readers like myself not only get a tutorial about snakes and power but also on love and humanity. Unusual Love Story is indeed just that. There is so much for Miriam to learn and so much that Raja shares with her that it’s hard not to be fascinated by everything. The story is mostly Miriam asking Raja questions and he answers them in a philosophical way. Readers are told about others around the world. It’s like traveling without ever leaving one’s home. This is the most unusual love story that I have ever read. It combines a few genres into one making for an enchanting story. Inside this beautiful romance, readers will be awed by this writer’s talent. Instantly, I was mesmerized by the plot and characters. The scenes unfolded before me like they were, of my own memories. The story will captivate and keep readers hooked. Unusual Love Story dips readers into a different culture that is both educational and richly entertaining. Overall, I highly recommend this stunning tale to readers worldwide.


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