Want to be a Reviewer?

Have you ever decided that you wanted to become a book reviewer? If you enjoy the thought of it for free books and don’t take the time to post reviews, this job isn’t for you.

Reviewers need to be an avid reader, have a constant social media presence, and you HAVE TO BE ACTIVELY POSTING REVIEWS. Okay…I can’t stress that enough.

Companies are not going to want you as a book reviewer if you already are not posting any book reviews on a timely basis. You need to have already been posting book reviews and have a strong consistent online presence. If you aren’t then…you just are not going to make it as a reviewer.

Another way is that you, as the reviewer, need to do your own homework. Know where to go to apply, how to apply, and need to make connections in the literary world. Do not count on authors and publishers coming to you while you sit on your bum waiting like you’re some star because it’s not going to happen.

I started out posting reviews on books I read. I continued to do that on a CONSISTENT and DAILY routine. You have to keep that up until you have enough followers or interested individuals that will take an interest in you and your blog.

If you’re serious about reviewing you will find the courage, time,  and proper dedication to showing the authors’ respect for their work by blogging, promoting, and reviewing their work that they give to you for an opinion. An honest opinion.

Being a reviewer means you need to be ACTIVE, CONSISTENT, ONLINE, and DEDICATED to reviewing. Authors work hard. Respect that by working hard to do best by them. Keep a schedule to keep up with reviews and due dates as you receive the books.

I know with my reviews, it’s hard to keep up with all the digital reviews. I go with the ones that have the nearest due dates for posting as well as the ones that are paid then go to the others in, a first come first serve. This helps me…especially when you read about 300 books in less than a year.

ORDER. You need order, to keep up daily with what comes your way.

Have an email, a blog, or a website as well as social media outlets for posting reviews. This connects you with authors and readers easily around the globe.

ORGANIZED. This is highly important as well. Create folders for book review requests and finished book reviews. Makes keeping track of all reviews easier on you and the author or publisher that sent the book(s) to you.

Again, only become a reviewer if you can seriously take the time to read, to write, and to post reviews. Otherwise, don’t become one. Not being a book reviewer doesn’t mean you don’t read or review books, it just means that you won’t disappoint others if you don’t do what it takes to be a Book Reviewer. Being one is indeed a full-time job.




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