Review: Bookish (Adult Coloring Book)


Finally, a coloring book for book lovers, bookies, readers, bookworms, book nerds and the like. Whatever you prefer to be called, this coloring is perfect for you and anyone who has a love for books. This coloring book shares in your love of reading with over 40 different designs to color, games and interactive pages and some hidden little gems inside.

This adult coloring book is full of some of your favorite book terms and phrases such as; book lover, so many books so little time, once upon a time, and much more. Amazon Best-Selling Author, Martha Sweeney knew that a bookish coloring book needed to be created when she couldn’t find any for herself.

Pages are single sided, allowing those who prefer markets to color also. (Note: A divider is recommended when using markers.)

Martha Sweeney is a self-published author with her debut writing as the Just Breathe series which hit #1 and #13 on the Amazon charts. Currently, Martha is working on several more writing projects which expand into different genres including mystery/suspense, romance and science fiction.

Rating: 5 stars


The Bookish: Adult Coloring Book by Martha Sweeney isn’t just any coloring book. This brilliantly talented writer has brought her readers and fans a coloring book suited for all book lovers and bookworms alike. This was the most exciting and addictive coloring book, I have received. There are sayings, phrases, and cool activities inside that are particular to reading and writing. Fun, creative, and an endless amount of coloring that will keep adults coloring all hours. I got this adult coloring during the time of my college finals and this was indeed perfect in relieving the stress and anxiety that came with studying and cramming for days…I loved this. It had themes that are perfectly for me as an avid reader and as an adult. Absolutely, a must have for all other bookworms, readers, and other writers. Martha Sweeney continues to amaze me every time. I love her books and the variety of books that she creates for us readers to enjoy for a long time to come. Overall, I highly recommend her Bookish: Adult Coloring Book to readers worldwide.

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