Review: Darwin Sin



A killer virus, a race against time…

With the Hayes virus sweeping across America, killing anyone it touches, maverick scientist Derek Lane knows he must find a cure…and fast. But with no obvious connections between victims and fears that the virus could be a weapon of terror, time is running out.

Amidst this global panic, Derek finds his own life at risk, too, when he is subjected to a spate of terrifying attacks by an unknown assailant. His only escape is to follow his leads to Africa, eradicate the virus, and outrun the danger at home. His exploration plummets him into the underworld of illegal science where he sees the disturbing signs of a kind of reverse evolution, which he seeks to expose alongside the source of the virus.

But Africa guards her secrets well, and his search hits a brick wall—until he meets Kate Rhodes, a woman struggling with the mysterious death of her best friend, Emily, a fellow scientist.

Kate immerses herself in Emily’s research into environmental toxins and corporate corruption—discoveries that gain new relevance when Derek realizes that Emily’s death might hold the key to unlocking a cure…but can they stop the virus in time?

The Darwin Sin is a thought-provoking techno-thriller about the conspiracy that triggered the uprising of an oppressed species, and its ensuing consequences to mankind. The novel’s compelling characters, scientific details, and social musings will stay with you long after the last page.

Rating: 5 stars


Darwin Sin by L.R. Hughes is a dynamite read. A medical thriller that captures its audience and reels them in with every page. With enough action, the Bourne Series fans would love this new thriller. Suspense hangs onto readers as the plot unfolds. Fast-paced and brilliantly well-written. I can see this becoming a big motion picture like The Andromeda Strain. Heart pounding, intense, and addictive for all. L.R. Hughes brings us a story of one man and one woman who are willing to take risks where a new deadly virus is concerned. Illegal science, technological advancements, and travel will gobble readers up inside Darwin Sin. I have never read a medical suspense tale that plunges you deep into its depths and set you out on a race that deadly and highly dangerous.

Inside Darwin Sin, readers are introduced immediately to a scientist by the name of Derek Lane. He is being taunted by someone…that doesn’t want him around anymore. The discovery a virus that shouldn’t exist but does…Derek is more than determined to stop it before its too late. Then there’s a woman whose friend dies of a mysterious death. A scientist dead,  and another about to search for a cure along with the dead’s scientist’s friend, Kate. Together they have to figure out the answers or else all will be for nothing. L.R. Hughes is indeed a talented writer. His words bring, to life the chilling scenes and a conspiracy that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. I loved how realistic the scientific parts were inside this novel. It brings the reality of such a danger out of the fictional world and leaves reading wondering what will happen within our future. This read will leave readers sweaty, and fearful of what will become of the characters as their journey furthers with every word. Suspenseful, intriguing, and a must read for all. I highly recommend this riveting novel to all.

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