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“Eo” latin for “go, walk, ride, sail, pass, travel” is N.J native Jennifer Renson’s second book of published poetry. Leave your world behind and go on a journey through time and place.

In “Eo”, we return to post-apocalyptic Georgia where we follow a father and his thoughts about his son while an odd radio transmission is broadcasted. Friends follow a circus, as another returns home to the ideal cottage, and a spectator watches a world of creatures from a window in the clouds. Readers enter the minds of several characters in their own worlds while exploring others. Smell the ocean air, absorb the sun and spend some quality time with the moon.

As a special surprise, the readers get to add their personal touch to the book. Stuck in traffic? Play a little tic-tac-toe. Traveling to somewhere new? Write it down and paste the pictures. Draw the constellations you feel from the plane window. Turn your daydreams into a poem of your own or two.

Whether you travel by plane, train, bus, car, boat, horse, bicycle or foot, you can carry, inspirational and delightful poetry with you. Paperback and lightweight, this poetry book is ideal for all of your travels. Even if you are simply taking some time to yourself, be sure to take Jennifer with you.

Rating: 5 stars


Eo by Jennifer Renson is a brilliant collection of well-written poems that automatically lured me deep into her words. Stunning how tiny black words on a page pop off the pages and becomes scenes filled with action, adventure, and emotion. When reading this collection of poetry, I can sense the deep inspiration coming off the pages and being absorbed by me with every flick of a page. Endless beauty, inspiration, and raw talent shine within this book. As a reader, I felt, myself drawn into other places. Every word felt like it was my own…that openness and raw form of writing by a poet is one that can’t be ignored. It beckons and calls me deeper into its heart. Jennifer Renson can take me anywhere and make me feel anything all with the magic of her words.If readers look closely they will recognize Walking Dead themes within the wonderful book.  Eo is not just a book of poetry but packed with a lot of other surprises to keep readers like myself, busy reading. Overall, I highly recommend this title to readers everywhere.


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