An Author’s to Do List

An Author’s to Do List

Here are some basic things every author should have, do, and be doing:

  • create a mailing list
  • a free book in return for signing up for the mailing list
  • an advance readers team to leave reviews prior to book launch
  • a great website
  • affiliate links to help boost your site & earnings
  • Facebook Ads
  • have a team of bloggers that you go to for author interviews, Q&A’s, and for guest posts as well as featuring your book on their sites
  • know where to send your book to for ratings
  • have a close knit of friends that can beta read your book(s)
  • create visual ads of your book coming soon, sale discounts of your book, and where it’s available
  • create contests where readers can win cool swag stuff from you every so often…readers gravitate towards this!
  • Use Goodreads to give away a digital book copy. I also highly recommend, to give away, at least 5 print copies  once in awhile.
  • Create a fun environment for readers to  gravitate towards your website and books
  • Have an author website on all social media platforms as well as where all books are sold…
  • double check the publishing company you want the publishing company that’s seeking to publish your book…this was a major lesson learned on my part and one I won’t ever forget.