Review: Love’s Legacy



Love’s Legacy continues Luke and Naeerah’s epic love story. They’ve found their way back to one another in spite of the insurmountable odds that threatened to keep them apart, but no one is ever fully prepared for the storms life brings. Luke and Naeerah are no different.

Follow our favorite couple as they fight to weather the storms of life while desperately trying to hold on to each other and their family.

Will their marriage ship sink or stay afloat in the sea of life’s process and prove their love is unbreakable and worthy to be branded a lasting legacy?

Rating: 5 stars


Ngozi M. Obi has beautifully created a tale that brought the realities of life and the hardships that we face into a world of fiction that we all can enjoy. Highly  entertaining and inspirational…Love’s Legacy lured me in deeply. The characters are so real with issues that make this novel 3 dimensional. The emotional journey was definitely one exciting thrill ride.I have found myself completely enjoying and waiting to experience again when I read this story once more. The love that the main characters Luke and Naeerah have for another is something, as a reader, that amazed me. Their love went deep both physically and emotional. Both made sacrifices for the other…in today’s world with all that we have it’s rare to find a love like these characters had. Despite all obstacles, they held through with through declaration of love for another. Life always threatens to take away what we have and it’s not any different where Luke and Naeerah are concerned. True love may have or may not have won in this brilliant piece by Ngozi M. Obi…readers have to read it to find out for themselves. I absolutely loved reading Love’s Legacy…the most inspiring, heart melting, and intriguing novel I have read. Overall, I highly recommend this title to readers everywhere.


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