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I, Sebastian Kane, had everything a man could want. Money, Power, Prestige. I thought I was content in life with the occasional submissive to occupy me. Then one night, at the sound of a woman’s laughter, things suddenly changed. After meeting Miss Belle Anderson, I found myself wanting her, needing her and demanding her submission. Then I did something I’d never done before, I fell in love with my submissive.

Could I, Belle Anderson, who had never been in a relationship in her entire adult life, cede control over my body to a man? It wasn’t just for sex, because if was just about a repeat of what we did the previous night, I’d be all in. No, it was about discipline, floggers, canes, whips, nipple and genital clamps. It was about being restrained, blindfolded, and gagged. It was also about trusting someone enough to know how far to push your limits, to command you to do something so far out of your comfort zone it was downright nerve racking. Could I? More importantly though could I do all this without falling in love with my Dom.

Rating: 5 stars


Oh my gosh! G.J. Cox never disappoints her readers. This new title, The Unexpected Submissive is everything a reader wants plus more. Instantly, I was taken deep inside, the world, as realistic as our own…only that it took me on a wild and heated ride. The dominant male and a woman who yields to his every word is an exciting read. Belle Anderson is soon led on a date with a man who just donated more money than she could count to her favorite rescue donation center. But in return, he wants a dinner with her. After waiting so long she finally has him coming to her and opening her up to his world of dominance. At first, Belle hesitated but it turned on by what she experienced. She thinks she has no affect on men and has little confidence until Sebastian Kane steps up to the challenge. Unlike any other woman he has met and had

Unlike any other woman he has met and had as a submissive none excites him more than the pretty blushing innocent Belle Anderson. Readers like myself will find that there is indeed more to Belle’s story than just suddenly having the best dream of her life with a total hot rich man like Sebastian Kane. Sebastian soon finds himself feeling jealous and over protective of his little submissive. Sure she tries hard to please him in his world of dominace but there’s more than just hot sex brewing between them. I absolutely love how G..J Cox makes her characters believable and pop out. None of her characters are dull or disliked. They are completely engaging to follow and peak readers’ interest as the masterfully woven plot takes reders to new heights. I was immediately taken with these new characters and their journey. Hot, sexy, and one that won’t be forgotten…Overall, I highly recommend The Unexpected Submissive to readers everywhere.


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