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India Sommers once had the perfect family—until an ex-boyfriend broke in and shot her husband. Not only did that cost her the man she loved, a respected heart surgeon and the father of her child, but she also feels responsible. Charlie died because of the people she hung out with before she had the strength to change her life.

Just after moving to Whiskey Creek with her little girl, Cassia, to start over, she’s learned that her ex-boyfriend’s trial ended in a hung jury. He’s getting out of jail; he could try to find her again. And that’s not all that scares her. She’s extremely attracted to her next-door neighbor, but Rod Amos is the handsome “bad boy” type that’s given her so much trouble in the past. If she got involved with him, her in-laws would sue for custody of Cassia.

India has to keep her distance from Rod—but the more she gets to know him, the more difficult that becomes.

Rating: 5 stars


Brenda Novak is definitely one of my favorite all-time romance authors. Her novels speak for themselves…the characters’ and their dilemmas pack  enough action, romance, and intrigue. I have always found myself lost inside the beautiful world of fiction and in this newest world by Brenda Novak, I couldn’t resist. The temptation to read more by her is a need that needs to be constantly re-supplied. I have heard so much about this new novel, Discovering You, in newsletters and everywhere else on the web. Now, after having read the entire book in print form…I have to say I loved it. As always, Brenda Novak, doesn’t ever disappoint.

Discovering You is all about the bad boy theme that is hot and irresistible. A young woman has made past mistakes with hanging in the wrong crowd. What she doesn’t know is that it will come back to destroy her happily ever. A family of three is now a family of just two. Mother and daughter must now leave and make a home for themselves far away where they will be safe. But is safety from a dangerous ex who has been let loose going to work? This danger plus the fear of losing her daughter to her in-laws and the romantic chemistry she feels from her next door bad boy is leaving India feeling torn and worn out…it’s only a matter of time until she’s got full blown into danger and love. Brenda Novak always creates a juicy read that will tug at readers’ hearts and leave them falling in love. Sweet, romantic, and highly entertaining…Discovering You is by far a definite must read for all. The talented writer has once again, left another unforgettable legacy behind for readers everywhere to enjoy. Overall, I highly recommend this new contemporary romance to everyone.

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