Review: Reign & Chase (Game by the Pound)



Reign is a young up and coming mogul, a salon owner who is busy trying to build an empire. She’s faced tragedy at an early age but always felt she wasn’t told the entire truth about what happened. But still, she bounced back and stayed on top.

Reign met her soul mate Chase at a young age but due to the tragedy she faced, contact was lost until he felt the need to reach out to her. Once he does they see the chemistry was never lost.

Chase has become a property owner who is very well known by the ladies. But once Reign is back in his life, all that seems to be shut down. Reign’s BFF London, couldn’t be happier about her friend’s new relationship and plans to be involved every step of the way. Although London is focused on the new couple, she is trying to keep what she has going on in her life a secret.

Chase and Reign’s romance is a sudden and unexpected one. With trying to juggle a business, enjoy life, dodge haters, check groupies, and make big moves, there is always something or someone in the shadows waiting to shut it all down….

Rating: 5 stars


Reign & Chase by L. Monique is a powerfully deep novel with tons of real life issues. Both Reign and Chase instantly became my new favorite couple. Life tosses crap our way…and these two definitely have experienced it in heavy doses. Their journey is far from over. The beginning of this emotional thrill ride, I got a glimpse into Reign’s younger life style and her backstory. I can only imagine how hard it was for her to lose someone close at that age. The main character Reign puts on a tough face and attitude but she’s really more caring then she lets everyone believe. Then there’s the chemistry of the two main characters that is beyond hot and steamy. I really liked how L. Monique brought the all the characters to life by giving them real flaws and fears. It just shows that even fictional characters are human too. They have to struggle and survive like the rest of us. This novel was my first one that I have read by this talented writer. She brilliantly puts in enough action, emotions, and spice that carried me through until the ending. Suspense and intrigue hang thickly in this well-written plot. I wasn’t sure what secret Reign’s best friend was hiding or the danger that pops out from nowhere…Overall, I highly recommend this urban tale to readers everywhere.


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