Review: Reckless Traveler



Reckless Traveler: an autobiographical novel of adventuring in South America, sure to delight anyone with a passport.

Perú and beyond: Through the alchemy of travel, youthful folly may bring disaster or wisdom . . . and more.
The instructional travel guide for aspiring backpackers: learn how to bribe police, avoid malaria, and find employment abroad — and what to do (and not to do) when armed mercenaries detain your charter bus.
Awaken your inner explorer with Walter Rhein’s Reckless Traveler, expat tales from a decade of discovery.
Rating: 5 stars
The Reckless Traveler by Walter Rhein is definitely a must read. For those who want to travel far and experience another country…well, here’s the chance. Inside this brilliant well-written autobiography, Walter Rhein takes readers, into the world full of action, danger, and suspense. I didn’t know quite what to expect…well maybe things like trouble speaking a foreign language and surviving the hardships that pop up when one travels so far from home.  This nonfiction book was highly entertaining. Every page took on a different turn in Walter Rhein’s journey as he lives and travels within South America. The culture and language wrapped inside are amazing. Disasters seem to happen a lot but one can definitely learn lessons as they move through this title. Funny, well-done, and intriguing. Overall, I would highly recommend this adventure to readers everywhere.

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