Review: Love & Hustle



Sometimes things won’t work out no matter how hard you try.

Brittanya and De’Quan have been looking for love in all the wrong places. Once their paths cross, they assume that the love Gods have finally decided to shine a little light on them. Both have been raised in dysfunctional environments. So when things start to happen that are clear warning signs of a toxic relationship, neither seem to be able to recognize it. The last thing on their minds is going their separate ways.

Brittanya’s thug addiction could very well cost her something that she could never recover from. De’Quan, blinded by what could be may very well lose the most precious thing to him, freedom.

Will Brittanya and De’Quan realize that their addiction to each other has negative consequences for them both? Or will they be able to overcome and find the real love that they both so desperately seek.

Rating: 5 stars


Love & Hustle by Willnide Desrosier is definitely a dark and edgy read. There’s tons of drama, trouble, and hearts on the line. Inside this urban romance, readers will find a lot of adult content such as drugs and sex. The main characters are an interesting set. Both come from different sides of the world but share the same kind of experiences when they were growing up…Brittanya is a tattoo artist. She doesn’t want any other job but the one she has. College is not anything she wants either. However, like all women, she wants true love. But in her line of work finding that will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Then there’s De’Quan. He’s a thug who wins Brittanya’s heart and he too is looking for true love. For De’Quan and Brittanya finding their true love will be difficult and once found it will be even harder to keep. Consequences, drama, and trouble follow these two as their journey deepens. Every page contained a lot of action and enough juicy details to keep readers hooked. Willnide Desrosier’s writing is great. Her characters come alive. The intrigue is thick and heavy. The romance and heat is hot enough to set the pages on fire. Overall, I would recommend Love & Hustle to readers everywhere.



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