Review: The Origin of Aaron Jackson




Aaron Jackson was just a normal mechanic when the russian mafia came knocking at his place of employment. After the russian mafia hurts his friends and takes over his old neighborhood because they want the land. When no one helps and the system is corrupt, Aaron has no choice other than to begin his one man war on crime against the mafia and take back what they have stolen by any means necessary. Trained as a martial artist in a deadly martial art by his mentor Mr park since he was a child he will employ all that he knows to bring them down. Will Aaron survive or will he triumph over evil.

Rating: 5 stars


The Origin of Aaron Jackson by Norman R. Colson is a novel packed full of action, danger, and suspense. One young man goes up against crime when no one else will. This creates an irresistible journey that readers can’t ignore. Good versus evil is a strong theme that continues to lure readers into thrilling adventures like this one. Things like the Russian maifa, corruption, and the black ops will plunge readers into a world that will keep them on the edge of their seats battling for their lives against the crimes being committed within this new title. This story almost reminds me of the Karate Kid Norman R. Colson’s writinng is highly entertaining and well-done. The Origin of Aaron Jackson is definitely mystery thriller all should read. Overall, I highly recommend it to readers everywhere.

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