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In the 9th Century, the Byzantine Empire was on the rise. The Vikings were also well on their way to influencing most of the known world with their spirit of adventure and quest for glory. Slavic tribes led by the Polians and their leader Vratymyr with the aid of the Vikings and their representative Askoldir organize a brazen attack at the heart of New Rome – Constantinople. Their goal is not only revenge but the formation of a new empire. There are battles, political plots, sea voyages, treachery, bravery, and death. This is a story of adventure. This is the only historical novel to date about this event. This is the story of the birth of Kyivan Rus’.

Rating: 5 stars


The Road to Rus’ by Michael Hnatyshyn is truly a remarkable novel that captures a moment in time that no other novel has captured. Michael Hnatyshyn has brilliantly woven together real historic figures and history into his stunning novel, The Road to Rus’. I am a huge fan of history and loved how this tale captured one of my favorite places in history…Rome…or more specifically Constantinople. The characters were so well-developed that it was like watching a historic battle and play come, to life. The Road to Rus’ concentrates on the ninth century. A century full of upheaval. Battles from foreigners would be common place. Warriors could be found everywhere and greed like today was super bad. The talent is obvious to readers from page one. Michael Hnatyshyn definitely enjoyed bringing history and culture alive for readers everywhere.

Inside this new historical title, readers are taken back in time, of the Byzantine Empire. Vikings were very much real and a major threat. Many people got together to plan an attack on the New Rome, Constantinople. This is where the novel gets intense. A suspenseful yet highly intriguing read. Readers will get their first-hand taste of warfare back then…and feel as though they have been transported to the battle. The descriptions are vivid as well as the viewpoint in which the story is being told. I found it unique and engaging as I rushed to read every page. The reasoning for what the characters did seemed to be reason enough to attack their enemy…lives for lives. The Road to Rus’ will have readers on the edge of their seats breathless as the scenes are lived through the words of Michael Hnnatyshyn. A time of gruesome warfare and lives of many…I enjoyed reading this exciting tale and look forward to more future works by this writer.  Overall, I would highly recommend it to readers worldwide.

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