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When Sanjay is forced to pursue engineering, he feels like a fish out of the water. With his future already determined by his parents, he feels trapped with nowhere to turn. Despite having no passion, to pursue engineering, he ends up in the cut-throat world of the IT industry in India. Then enters Tara, the girl who makes Sanjay chase his dreams and make him realize that life is more than one paycheck and a job you truly detest!

Rating: 5 stars


Making It in India by J.K. Vahn is an interesting tale told from a male Indian man who from birth had his fate sealed for him by his parents. The story took me on a journey of Sanjay going thru his predestined journey in life and wanting to do what makes him passionate. Writing. Sanjay loves to write. His poetry is beautiful enough to make one special woman like Tara feel emotional. She loves reading what he has to write. In a way, she is his muse. The one who inspires him and tells him not to give up on his writing. Whereas his parents were strong in pushing their only son to an engineering school. Sanjay’s father was an engineer and so that’s what his parents pushed him to be. Somehow, Sanjay ends up doing well on his exam and getting a job at one of the best IT companies. He hates it. Not that he can’t do the work but it’s not something that stirs up a desire to do it. As he works as an engineer he learns how to deal with his work, life, and friends. Soon he gets promoted and that’s about when he finally takes a risk in turning his life around to his desire. It also helps that he has Tara supporting him all the way. Maybe his parents will support him as well…

Making It in India shows readers how hard life can be. Things we want may not happen when we want them too. However, we can turn our lives around if we really want to change directions. I loved how J.K. Vahn portrayed the ways, lifestyles, and thinking of the people from India. A realistic output on life, family, and most of all dreams. This tale was well-written. The story was told from the point of view of the main character, Sanjay. I loved following Sanjay as he obeyed his parents, did what was expected of him and went out to do what he’s passionate about as well. Challenges, love, and growing up…are main themes of this inspirational novel. Overall, I highly recommend it to readers everywhere.

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