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Welcome to The Shipley Hotel, where the perky and attentive staff provides the gold standard in artificial concern and comfort to all the colorful characters who pass through its polished brass revolving door and find themselves in The Lobby. Practically engineered for eavesdropping, San Francisco’s juiciest hotel lobby offers the perfect place to witness the comings and goings—and the most comedic intersections—of staff, long-term residents, and eclectic guests. Featuring over fifty stories all transpiring in a single twenty-four hour period and intersecting in the Shipley’s elegant lobby, readers will meet an eccentric and vast array of characters, most of whom will look awfully familiar and all of whom will speak to the heart. Employing acute skills in human observation and a keen understanding of the essential human needs—frequently unplanned and unexpected rendezvous, ready laughter at others’ expense, and maybe even a little love and acceptance—Randi M. Sherman’s unique wit and candor will surely make the reader sit up, stand up, roll over, or assume an interested leaning position and take notice. Get comfortable (on the exquisitely upholstered lobby couch) and spy on those checking in and out of the Shipley. Careful: you might just encounter a version of yourself among the ornate balconies and intricate woodwork.

Rating: 5 stars


The Lobby by Randi M. Sherman is a grand adventure that is juicy, entertaining, and full of surprises. The writing is superb. It takes readers on a journey of experiencing all the drama that goes on within the lobby of The Shipley Hotel. Here, I got to meet a variety of interesting individuals. From pity parties, to a wedding to an educational tour. There’s plenty of action, characters, and emotions flying high within this exciting novel. Luxury everywhere…the rich and famous, and workers are filled within this tale. The thrill ride within is one that is more emotional than physical. I was laughing and rooting for the characters along the way. Horse betting and credit cards being declined…this was one adventure that readers will immediately take to…almost like a soap opera but one that made me feel like I was actually there with the characters. The Lobby is indeed a fascinating story that I would recommend to readers. Randi M. Sherman’s talent is one that can’t be missed.


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