Review: Mocha & The Billionaire’s Son



Above all else choose love. In a world where the cards are stacked against interracial couples, who would choose to travel that road?

Mocha is CEO of Baldwin Enterprises. She runs the company for Billionaire William Baldwin. William Baldwin’s only son, Billy, is ready to settle down and start a family. Mocha is the object of his desire. But nothing comes easy in a world of love and hate. While Mocha and Billy are determined to be together, can they overcome the evil doings of a crazy psycho who’s just as determined to keep them apart.

Come on this journey with Billy and  as they are tested beyond belief in this tale of love that conquers all.

Rating: 5 stars


Mocha & The Billionaire’s Son by Regina Swanson almost made me think I was reading a thriller at first…the two main characters came onto the stage and that was when the I knew what I was reading. The crazy pyscho killer in this exciting new title made me feel chills down my spine. It was like at any point in time she could kill anyone and get away with it. Then, there is another woman woman who is nothing but jealous of Mocha, the black CEO. Mocha caught the desire and attention of the billionaire’s son. A white rich man wants nothing more than just to have her as his. This sets off a friendship with the jealous woman and the psycho killer. Just how far things will go…will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Regina Swanson also knows how to heat up the pages for her readers. With every page, I felt the raw animalistic attraction between Billy and Mocha. Hot, steamy, and bold. Mocha & The Billionaire’s Son is a romance featuring two lovers going agaisn’t all odds to be together. Readers will find themselves immediately lost within this read. Overall, I highly recommend it to all.

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