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Since he was thirteen years old, rockstar Webb Turner pinned for Bree, the enigmatic girl across the street. He captured her in his songs, but never in his orbit. His lyrics about her propelled Webb’s band to superstardom, but his fame came with the price of finding real love.

When he discovers that Bree is dying, Webb leaves a stadium full of adoring fans to be at her side. As a blizzard batters the east coast, will Webb succeed in his fight against the storm and the mistakes of his past for a chance to say one last goodbye?

Rating: 5 stars


The Goodbyes by Leslie Welch is phenomenal. The emotional rollercoaster is brilliant. I cried, laughed, and rooted for the characters. Many issues are brought into this exciting read. A tale about love, mistakes, and music. A young guy falls in love with a girl name Bree. Bree is going through a whole lot of hell. Her father is crazy and she acts on impulse. She likes Webb but is with someone else. Webb feels shy around Bree. He wants her but he doesn’t want to play her games. Then there’s another girl name Charlotte. Webb ends up falling for her. But due to his mistakes, he may just end up losing the one person he truly loves. To make matters worse, Bree is dying. Webb is paying for her surgery…if she makes out alive will Webb finally be able to live his life without regrets or will his heart, break for good? Leslie Welch’s writing is superb. I could feel and see everything as it happened. The plot was fast-paced and thrilling. I absolutely loved reading this story and following the characters. Overall, I highly recommend this rock star romance to all.

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