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Josh is a nine-year-old boy with an adventurous streak. After a chance encounter with a wily leprechaun, Josh is transported to a strange land inhabited by giants, wizards, and creatures of the undead variety. He quickly realizes Scariton is unlike the suburbs in every way imaginable and learns the only way he can make it back home is to confront King Titan, an evil overlord with mystical powers. Titan has taken over Scariton by force in the region’s biggest war in history. Luckily, Josh doesn’t have to face Titan alone. Uriah, the captain of the guards for Scariton’s former king, is assigned to help Josh with his quest under the condition that he must find Princess Miriam who has gone missing. Armed with a few enchanted items of his own, Josh and his new friends travel the darkest corners of Scariton in their mission to find the princess. It’s non-stop action suitable for the whole family.

Rating: 5 stars


Scariton by Paul Charbonneau is an addictive adventure novel that will be a new favorite with adults and children alike. This tale brings readers to a young boy who is almost ten-years-old. He wants to have an adventure. He sets out into the woods. At first, he imagines a woodsman somewhere near with an axe…and instead falls upon an old, leprechaun. At first, Josh isn’t sure whether to believe the man or not. But after taking a small skills test…Josh believes the man is a leprechaun and is sent off on a magical adventure. This is where he meets two other boys about his age and a kingdom where a princess has been taken. To find her, Josh and his companions will go through dangerous territory. Will they survive the dangers and find the princess or will all be lost?  Scariton is indeed a fictional world full of intrigue, action, and magic. The scenes come alive with every page. I absolutely loved following brave Josh as the story unfolded. Paul Charbonneau’s writing is brilliant and well-told. Overall, I highly recommend his novel to readers everywhere.


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