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Hail to the Chief — a political thrill ride as current as today’s headlines. President-elect Maggie Mathews–the first woman voted into the nation’s highest office–is felled by a ruptured brain aneurysm just 10 days before her inauguration. While she lies in a coma, her vice president-elect attempts to conceal his past, and with help from the chief of staff Bruce “Skeeter” Jamison, he gambles he can keep his dark secret from coming to light. But Maggie’s husband, the former secretary of state who schemes to seize the reins of power for himself, has other ideas.

Rating:  4.5 stars


Hail to the Chief by both John Leslie and Carey Winfrey is the most anticipated novel yet. Here, readers are plunged deep into the war of politics. Politicians are evil. Inside this masterfully woven story, readers will be shown just that. One leading female politician about to become president…slips into a coma. Then there’s her husband the state secretary who plans to take over. There are dark secrets from one’s past and another scheming his way into office. I was completely intrigued by what will happen to the lady president…and what will come of those taking advantage. I didn’t like that the fact that  the Chicago airport was changed to be named after President Barack Obama. I’m sorry…but as a Chicago native that was a blow, I’ll never forgive the fictional female character of…other than that the story was well-written, suspenseful, and kept my attention until the last page. The plot moved fast-paced.  After reading this novel, I would never want to work in any field that involves politics. Politics is a hard game to live by and usually only those that cheat make it way to the top. The reality of a woman making it to the top and then only ten days before being president everything is ruined…I can only imagine in life how any woman in that position would feel. This story had a realistic touch that made it seem less fiction and more non-fiction due to all legal and political crap that happened. I could see Hail to the Chief as a movie. The discussions on this novel would go on forever. Overall, I recommend this political tale to all.




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