Review: Haven of Evil



When floodwaters destroyed Kevin and Sandra Wilson’s home and personal possessions, the couple moved into a house in a town called Havenville. Kevin would learn about the house’s evil past after a series of eerie events.

Rating: 5 stars


Haven of Evil by Melvin Rivers is a dark and intriguing story. This book reminded me of Unfortunate Events. It seems like one destructive thing happens after another to this one family. A flood destroying their home and previous jobs. Then, there’s the crappy hotel living situation they are stuck in until the husband’s new job starts. A job that will start within a week. The wife is waiting and hoping that her raise finally comes in so that she can help her family’s living situation. The husband is so desperate for his family to move out of the hotel room, they e makes a bargain with a real estate lady. He waivers…but what he doesn’t know is that the home he and his family will live in is full of evilness. Nothing good will come of their arrival to the house. An evilness that of unthinkable portions happens to be in their new home. What comes of the family and their lives is one that readers will enjoy reading for themselves. Suspenseful, edgy, and well-told. Overall, I highly recommend Haven of Evil to readers everywhere.



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