Review: Follow the Ashes



What does it mean to be the Executioner? Is it the struggle between good and evil, and the fulfillment of a Gypsy

For Robin, it’s simply another day in the park in downtown LA. It’s killing the undead as she attempts to juggle life and love the same as any other ordinary woman would. That is until she meets Gordon, a crazed demon with a conscience. Now she must battle an ancient evil far more powerful then she’s ever faced before, or risk losing the world to Lilith, the mother of all vampires.

Will she save mankind? Or will we all follow the ashes of destruction as we burn in Hell?

Rating: 5 stars


Follow the Ashes by Kindra Sowder is a must read for all. Talk about an amazing plot that is fast-paced, full of adventure, action, and heat. For every paranormal lover out there…this is the book to have. I was instantly taken in by the story and swept into the journey ahead.  This riveting tale contains some similarities to my all-time favorite paranormal reads. Here, is a leading female protagonist trying to live her life and fight the things that would give us all nightmares. LA seems like the place where all the dark paranormal beings like to live…and where the good battle them at every corner. Some paranormal beings are good. Like her caretaker, Gordon. He is a demon but one that is a good guy. It will prove hard not to fall for Kindra Sowder’s characters. Brilliant writing that masterfully weaved a tale worth every reader’s wish. Evil is in full. Vampires are definitely found in this novel, and I couldn’t be any happier. Once this book is opened…readers like myself will be pulled in deep. Or sucked in whole. Beware the writer’s talent will have readers breathless, excited, and begging for more. Overall, Follow the Ashes is highly recommend to readers everywhere. I look forward to reading more by Kindra Sowder in the future.


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