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Flotilla is an unyielding exploration of people and technology in a perilous world. When 15-year-old Jim joins his dad on Colony D, he doesn’t see it as the new frontier in green technology and sustainability; he sees a free pass out of rehab to spend the summer on a man-made island in the Pacific. Jim thinks his troubles are marooned on the mainland, but it turns out that his dad has secrets of his own. When things stop adding up, and Jim becomes suspicious, he makes a horrible discovery.

But now, that’s the least of his problems.

The United States come under attack, and Jim’s parents go missing. Drug runners and modern-day pirates are coming to settle a score. All he and his sister have now are an old boat, limited supplies, and each other. Jim must race against time if he wants to escape the catastrophic meltdown of civilization.

Rating: 5 stars


Flotilla by Daniel Haight is a science fiction fantasy and post-apocalyptic novel. The story immediately drew me within its adventure. Family and drug abuse are two popular themes inside this young adult read. Daniel’s writing is incredible. His main character, Jim, is a troubled teen. Jim’s mom gets him out of rehab to work with his dad. Then life everywhere becomes chaotic. The world is being destroyed and with both, his parents taken and gone…Jim and his sister must learn how to survive with what they have. Only…their supplies won’t last too much longer. Out in the sea…nowhere to go. Being on land is just as dangerous for them.

Flotilla brings out fear on every level. Biowarfare break-out back home on the mainland. Deadly shootings happening everywhere…and bad guys are coming after Jim and his sister due to secrets his dad kept. Suspense, intrigue, advanced technology make this an unforgettable novel. The scenes are three-dimensional. Characters are believable and Jim is the main voice of the story. How he and his sister, as well as the rest of humanity, will survive is something readers have to dig to find out…Overall, this was the most exciting and thrilling science fiction novel I have read in a while. I highly recommend Daniel Haight’s brilliant masterpiece to all.

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