Review: Seashell Meditations for Children



A Seashell Meditation for Children combines the entire 10 story collection into one. Now, you get 10 fun and interactive stories that introduced meditation for beginners in the form of a short story rhymes using a seashell as an interactive tool for focus and fun all in one book. Reading the story to the child will guide them through a creative journey as the story takes them to exciting places to use their imaginations and explore. With each story, there is a QR code available to scan with your smart device for background meditation music and sounds while reading the book to the child. There are so many benefits of meditation. It helps to relax kids, teach mindfulness meditation and can create a practice that lasts a lifetime.

Rating: 5 stars


Seashell Meditations for Children by Patricia May is a collection of ten short stories. Each story is different, yet each one involves a seashell. The stories are imaginative, creative, and fun. Children everywhere will enjoy following along whether they are read to or they read it themselves. The illustrations are pretty and fit in well with each short tale. Beautiful colors on every page. Relaxing, educational, and well-done. Patricia May has created a book that both parents and children will love to read and explore together. I love how descriptive the stories are. I felt like I could hear and see everything described. Peaceful and highly engaging. Seashell Meditations for Children is a must read for all. I highly recommend it.


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