Review: Under the Sea (Coloring Book for Children)



A Seashell Meditation for Children, Under the Sea, is a unique coloring activity book that contains a short meditation story rhyme using a seashell as a tool for focus and concentration. With a simple and easy meditation technique, even the youngest children can engage and have fun. The book encourages the child to use their imagination while listening to the story as it is being read. The child then can color the pages that corresponds with the meditation story as well as create their own images in spaces provided. Mindfulness meditation techniques help to relax kids, creates many benefits of meditation, and encourages the child to engage and participate. Very interactive and fun for all.

Rating: 5 stars


Under the Sea is an excellent coloring book for children everywhere. Inside are pages filled with engaging rhymes, thinking activities, and hands-on skilled activities. Each page has a different request. Hours of coloring…relaxing images. Numbers, rhymes, and questions. Color, count, listen, read, and put your drawing skills to test. I love it. Imaginative…great for children of all ages. Amazing illustrations to fill in with color. Children will be busy filling this creative, inspiring and meditating coloring book. Perfect children’s coloring book for any situation that kids can take with them anywhere. Also, I loved the variety of sea wildlife that’s on every page. Overall, Under the Sea is the perfect coloring book for children. I highly recommend it to all.

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