Review: Follow the Bloodshed



Robin had gone toe-to-toe with Lilith, losing everything. Now she is back in the explosive final chapter of the Executioner Trilogy for revenge. After emerging from Hell, lying in her cold and dark grave, she is thrust into a world that she would’ve never thought possible; filled with creatures she never imagined. And her power is growing. Los Angeles is a ghost town, with the world following close behind. It is up to her to stop Lilith and bring humanity back from the brink of extinction.

Rating: 5 stars


OMG! Once again, Kindra Sowder has rendered me speechless. I am so totally in love with this talented writer’s work. This final chapter of the Executioner Trilogy has sent me over the edge of my chair. I was immediately thrown back into the dark edgy world of paranormal beings. Robin is the leading female character that readers everywhere will love. She’s tough, brave, and her power is getting stronger each time. Just how powerful she will be this time around is something readers have to figure out for themselves. There is only one goal for Robin…defeat Lilith for good. Only time will tell if that happens…Revenge, romance, and action all brilliantly wrapped up in one irresitible novel. Kindra Sowder has a talent for swallowing readers whole and planting them straight into her dark worlds. Fast-paced, well-written, and well-developed. Follow the Bloodshed is a paranormal urban read that I highly recommend to all. Readers everywhere will be satisfied with this final chapter and hungry for more by Kindra Sowder.


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