Review: Sex and “Mine Alone”


Blonde, beautiful, and sexually confident, Carla Tersen revels in her sexual freedom. She enjoys nothing more than picking up married men to amaze them with her sexual prowess. But when Dr. Kenneth Grant, handsome and rich, offers her an opportunity to trade her sexual freedom for a monogamous life of luxury, Carla agrees, despite the cost of giving up what makes her happy.

Sandra, Carla’s younger sister, is unlike Carla. Sandra is a true romantic. However, the target of her secret affection is none other than her brother-in-law, Kenneth. But Sandra, a successful investment banker, would never dream of seducing a married man—much less her sister’s husband—until a fateful business trip to Mexico City changes everything.

Sex and “Mine Alone” is a dark examination of a couple’s unspoken yet most sacred pact—For sex, you are mine alone—the damage the covenant can cause to a marriage or a relationship, and what happens when Carla dares to confront the mine alone barrier.

Rating: 4.5 stars


Sex and “Mine Alone” by Ari Nemsira is a journey readers won’t forgot. It explores an intimacy that breaks boundaries. A sister-in-law wanting her sister’s husband. A husband who just happens to be a wealthy doctor. He is attracted to the other sister. He and his wife have a relationship where they can be with anyone and still be married. However, the husband still wants his wife. But she realizes that what her husband needs from her is something that she can’t give to him…but her sister can. She releases her hold on her husband and allows him to go be with her sister. A sister who loves the husband in a way that the husband desparately needs from his wife. Sex and “Mine Alone” explores sex, boundaries, self-discovery and love. I found it quite entertaining. Readers will enjoy reading every page just as much as I did. Overall, I recommend the book to readers.

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