Review: Big Bad Wolf



Blythe wants nothing more than to get away from this. Not to just survive it, but forget it.
Strapped down, nearly naked, beaten, scared and drugged she has no idea where this dark and dismal place is. Kidnapped and being set up to be tortured again by the men who hold her, she has to find a way to break free and get away.

Can she dig deep inside and awaken the force that is her alter ego? Can she awaken the beast within? She is drawing hopeless thoughts and losing herself inside of the drugs that are repeatedly given to keep her weak.

Miss Hyde has her own list of ideas and not a single one includes just escape.

Rating: 5 stars


Big Bad Wolf by Kindra Sowder is the third incredible part to a stunning series. Once again, readers met with the bone chilling yet gorgeous man killer. She sells artwork, by day, and lures men to her bed by night. Using sex as a way to lure men to their final death. Blythe doesn’t just murder them but rip their bodies into bloody parts. Her inner dark side, Miss Hyde. Appearances are definitely deceiving. Just like the two before this one, the plot is full of action, murder, and dark events to come. Blythe will finally get a taste in what she does to men…however, it might just be the last thing she ever experiences. Then, there’s her friend who is more than beats the eye. Also, there’s more mystery added in this part than the previous books. A man who seems to be a boss that hires Blythe’s female friend and wants her alive…who and why…and more importantly what happens next is something I highly recommend readers to read. Kindra Sowder is a talented writer. Her words on every page are powerful enough to suck readers into her fictional world and to leave them forever in suspense. Big Bad Wolf is dark, murderous, and intense. Absolutely, a must read for all.

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