Review: House of Curds (2)

House of Curds: Season Two by [Fleegle, Richard]



Episodes 14-26 offer a lot of fascinating twists to retwist. Frank Underwire has been banished to a hog lot. Frank starts his own religion. Frank strategizes to get some “WOW” in his life. Smoky Buns is out of Frank’s life. Of course, episode 18 is the famous “Curd Hurled ‘Round the World” episode. In episode 19, look for “Animal Planet” to tweak some of the character names and habits so “Curds” can run on their channel. And, naturally, what would the second season be like without a visit to Earth by E.T.? He’s reporting on Frank and others. Episode 25 is the “Just Shy of Treason” offering. And Episode 26 is essential to read if you want to decipher all the complex symbols in “Curds.”

Rating: 5 stars


Once again readers are brought back into the best Netflix show companion book. This title contains the episodes of 14-26 from House of Cards. House of Curds will leave readers reading and re-watching the Netflix episodes all over again. Detailed, hilarious, and a must read for all. Richard M. Fleegle is a great writer. His words have power over readers. Keeps them turning those pages and never losing interest.

Inside season two of House of Curds, readers will experience deals with the devils, phone tapping, Chinese cyber attack campaign, hidden cameras, and threats of arrest as well as more political intrigue. Absolutely, a funny yet highly entertaining read. The characters’ lives are full of nothing but drama, threats, secrets and much more. I couldn’t stop reading. There’s a lot of action and thrilling scenes to keep readers turning the pages. Great book. I highly recommend it to readers everywhere.