Review: House of Curds (3 & 4)

House of Curds: Seasons Three and Four by [Fleegle, Richard]



The zany saga of Frank and Clear Underwire continues.

Rating: 5 stars


House of Curds by Richard M. Fleegle season begins! Here readers brought into a two-volume book containing seasons three and four. The book for those unfamiliar with House of Cards (Netflix show) is a political satire. Hilariously entertaining as well as intriguing. Every page has action, drama, and secrets. The characters are beyond quirky and keep readers interested. The writing by Richard M. Fleegle is superb. His words have ways of dragging in readers.

Inside season three, readers will find out more lies, miserable people, and someone who clearly hates dogs. Then in season four, readers will find more anti-political- psychosis, traveling to Moscow, and murder as well as much more. A journey unlike any other book, I have read. This book has it all…ups, downs, and in-betweens. Redoing wedding vows...House of Curds is intense, gritty, dirty, and well-told. The characters…well, readers just have to read on to find out for themselves…overall, I highly recommend this title to readers everywhere. Richard M. Feegle is indeed a talented writer whose work readers should add to their TBR piles.



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