Review: Unexpected Submissive 2

The Unexpected Submissive: Book Two by [Cox, G.J.]



Sebastian: I did what I’d always sworn I’d never do, I’d fallen in love with my submissive, well, in Belle Anderson’s case, my sometimes submissive. Soon after going public with claiming her as my girlfriend, she started getting threatening letters and phone calls. Then the worst happened, she was kidnapped right under my nose. With all my wealth and all my connections, I couldn’t keep the one thing that meant the most to me in the world safe. Will I be able to find her and rescue her before her kidnapper harms her? Will she ever forgive me for putting her in harm’s way?

Belle: I should have never agreed to come back to Haven. No matter how badly Sebastian wanted to return, my gut told me I’d regret it and boy howdy, did I ever. It’s where my stalker found me and kidnapped me from. He’s determined to make both me and Sebastian pay for what he feels is an injustice toward him. He says he loves but his actions speak otherwise. Will Sebastian find me before he kills me?

The Unexpected Submissive-Book Two is not a Stand-alone title. Book One must be read first to get the most enjoyment out of the series.

Rating: 5 stars


Unexpected Submissive (book 2) by G.J. Cox is a deliciously hot read. But that’s not all. There’s danger, suspense, and intrigue brilliantly wrapped into this exciting tale.  Readers will once again be swept off their feet into the romance of two amazing characters. Their love just began to express itself when trouble heads their way…threats from an insane stalker. Fear, worry, and stress soon head to the couple’s way. No way of tracking the evil man down. Then, the worst happens. Belle is taking from her Dom. That’s when the danger hits off the charts. The suspense fo what happens next will keep readers turning the pages in a rush. I loved this writer’s talent. Her words held me hostage in her world of fiction. The emotional journey is one that felt so real. I thought I was Belle. The thoughts, feelings, and actions of the characters felt like they were my own. My heart raced…the intrigue killed me. Readers will not be able to get enough of G.J. Cox’s characters. Their story is well-told. Masterfully woven elements that bait, hook, and capture readers into the book. Unexpected Submissive is sexy, addictive, and a definite must read for all. I wanted to cry, to scream, and to relive the story all over again once I finished it. Wow! Absolutely, perfect in every way. Carried enough of everything to keep me lured. Overall, I highly recommend this romance to readers everywhere.



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