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While serving his second tour of duty in Vietnam, Marine Recon Captain Fortune’ Alan Joubert is sheep dipped by the CIA, receiving orders to act as an operative for a mission called Operation Phoenix. At the end of a year locating his targets, the CIA lets him go home.

Back in New Orleans, Joubert finds work on tugboats supporting oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. He works hard, saves his money, and buys a sailboat to run high-end charters between Florida and the Bahamas. Life looks good and peaceful for a while…

But one day, Joubert’s CIA handler tracks him down, offering him deep cover and the chance to join the Absolute Resolution team, authorized to complete wet work in Central and South America for the security of the United States.

Joubert trades one island for another, leaving the Bahamas and heading to Puerto Rico, where a separatist movement seeking independence threatens stability. As the mission heats up, so do tensions with a beautiful NCIS officer on Joubert’s team.

Rating: 5 stars


Absolute Resolution by Al Dugan is an interesting read. I felt like I was sucked into the world, of NCIS. Like the popular television show. Here, Al Dugan has created a powerful yet realistic world for readers to get lost within its pages. Drama, romance, and action can be found inside this well-written tale. A Marine, a female NCIS agent, and a team created by the CIA. Things have just gotten more complicated and hotter. I loved how politics follows everyone no matter what or where they go. There’s always another battle to be fought. The main character within this fast-paced suspense thriller is a hero from the beginning to end. The emotional attachment to this character made me want to go there and hug him. Absolutely amazing, how Al Dugan made his character three-dimensional. The plot itself was believable.

Inside Absolute Resolution, readers will find one sexy tough Marine. One that has worked successfully with the CIA. His plans are to work and save up for a better life. Until someone, from the CIA, comes tracking him down with an offer he doesn’t refuse. More battles to fight in order to keep the US a safe place. Former Marine, Alan Joubert finds himself, in a team, created by the CIA. On this team, he finds a female NCIS officer attractive. Maria. Maria is the type of woman who doesn’t like to mix work with pleasure but Marine, Alan Joubert makes it harder to remember why she sticks to that rule. Then, there is the operation work for Central and South America that comes with a pay grade no one could refuse. Between CIA training and marine consultant training, Alan is a star figure for the CIA and its operations. The action is fast and exciting. Never a dull moment within this title. Taking out the bad guys is what Alan Joubert misses. But nothing good last long…readers will be kept guessing as Alan goes about doing work for the CIA. Will it all end well or will Alan lose what matters most? Overall, I highly recommend this brilliant military novel to readers everywhere.

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