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Eric Sumners, a rich businessman in the Pacific Northwest, has it all: smart, handsome, successful, and happily married to a beautiful woman of perfect artistic and social taste. One day, on a whim, he decides to give his wife a luxurious sailboat.

But when someone as rich as Eric decides to do something, the side-effects on regular people’s lives can be spectacular.

Suddenly, down at the waterfront, the grandiose opportunity created by Sumners spawns ever-expanding waves of hope, but also conjures up deep currents of jealousy, greed, and hidden desire.

Suspense, romantic and professional intrigue, aspirations and dreams, are soon engulfed as The Big Tide sweeps all before it with the promises and delusions of unfettered ambition, passion, art, and love.

Rating: 5 stars


The Big Tide by Marc Heberden is a drama filled adventure waiting at readers fingertips. The rich cast of characters leads to high suspense, trouble, and intrigue. What one character does affect the next character…almost like watching a domino fall onto another one and then another…causing a ripple effect. Hidden desires…will spark the plot as it readers follow, through every page. Work such as building boats out of wood is something that is beautiful and rare…that is shown to readers but also, doesn’t make a whole lot of money as readers will soon learn. The wooden boat building business dwindles, as boats made out of tougher materials are more popular. Boat businesses suffering from a lack of sales…and one rich man about to make a huge purchase…will make for quite an interesting yet educational read.

The Bide Tide starts out by introducing a wide range of characters. First, there’s Mr. Sumners, the rich man, who buys a boat for his woman. His purchase would help soothe a couple’s money issues…Annie is worked in a bar before marrying her husband Clyde who owns the boatyard where Mr. Sumners makes a huge purchase. They have been living on lie with a tight rope and with Mr. Sumners one purchase they might just have an amazing vacation ahead of them…but then Annie feels an attraction towards both the rich lifestyle of Mr. Sumners and the kind of man he is…this may cause a whole lot drama as the story unfolds. Next, readers will meet Jack Colby. The one man who has the talent and passion, into building wooden boats. Mr. Sumners happened to view a beauty that he created. The beauty and artistic fashion of boat building are the main theme, of this novel. It’s refreshing to read about in a fictional novel that no other writer has put into a novel before. The Big Tide will bring readers deep into the business world of how the rich and poor, live and where it takes them all.  Marc Heberden is a talented writer who can grab readers in and keep them interested until the last page. A deep yet steady paced novel that readers everywhere will enjoy reading. Overall, I highly recommend it to readers worldwide.

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