Review: The Game Master

The Game Master by [Copsey, Ian D.]



Tired of arguing over which of them was the best gamer, Josh, and Alex stumbled upon a
new video game shop, run by an enigmatic Japanese shopkeeper. He was to be
their Game Master in this virtual reality video game that had no game controls.
Little did they know it was a game that would change their lives, of their
friends… and enemies… forever.

“Oh! This game is no ordinary game,” The Game Master explained, “It reads your thoughts,
seeks out your weaknesses to provide you with challenges.”

“It can read our minds?” puzzled the boys. As they progressed through the
game’s levels they discovered more about those around them. Then, mysteriously,
the Game of Life began to spread its influence beyond Josh and Alex’s lives and
to their friends.

From switching roles with each other, campfire frolics and ghostly stories from
their teachers, the Game Master’s zany antics as he hosted a T.V. game show,
“Hiro’s Happy Heroes.”

Rating: 5 stars


The Game Master by Ian Copsey is an adventure that readers won’t ever forget. The story is about gaming. Two boys who are looking for a game that will test their every skill. However, with everything there are always consequences and this book focuses highly on the consequences of the choices each of the two boys made. Little do they know they each choice affects their real lives and the people they care about…

The Game Master is brilliantly well-told. A highly engaging read that all YA lovers will enjoy. Virtual reality games have just taken on a whole new level. The game the two boys take on brings them awareness and lesson on real life issues. The game of life sort of challenges both boys to become better individuals. I truly enjoyed watching the two friends compete against one another and then to mature at the ending. It was a great journey as well as character transformation. They started out as selfish and self-centred to developing a friendly and honest relationship. Readers will love this story. It was fast-paced, entertaining, and suspenseful. Ian Copsey is indeed a talented writer who brings forth an educational yet thrilling read. Overall, I highly recommend The Game Master to all.


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