Review: The X Cure

The X-Cure by [Forciea, Bruce]



Dr. Alex Winter, a brilliant biomedical engineer, teams with Dr. Xiu Ling, a beautiful Chinese scientist, to discover a revolutionary cure for cancer. But Tando Pharmaceuticals, the world’s largest and richest drug producer, also has an interest in the cure, and when they discover that the treatment is flawed as recipients begin to die after four months, causing a media frenzy and a drop in Tando’s stock, they call upon their ‘Mercenary Soldiers of Medicine’ to maintain global domination.

Rating: 5 stars


The X Cure instantly drags readers into a dark and dangerous situation. Ski masks and assault rifles. Kidnapping and men shooting in Chinese…it’s something that will have readers sitting on the edge of their seats wondering why and what’s next. This is one medical thriller that will continue to lure and intrigue readers for a long time to come. Powerfully written and intriguing…imagine a science that destroys cancer cells by using the right amount of energy. Pharmaceuticals, drug  company conspiracies, cancer treatment and traveling to China will keep readers turning the pages fast. Danger, threats, and a revolutionary cure for cancer can all be found within this suspenseful novel. Bruce Forciea is a talented writer who knows how to engage his readers from the beginning to end. The characters are believable and the plot feels real…The X Cure is a masterpiece that readers don’t want to miss. Overall, I highly recommend this medical thriller to readers everywhere.


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