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The Premise: A Novel To Save The World by [Crossfield, Andy]



The Premise, like life, is full of contrasts. Good news has bad outcomes, one-time criminals turn out to be heroes, those with the most to live for die early, and solutions coalesce from the most confusing set of clues.

Such is the nature of this novel that coaxes the reader to suspend doubt just long enough to realize we all are just one discovery away from a completely different life.
Set in 2017, you soon realize we are as foreign to what our lives will look like then, as are our lives today when compared to them pre 9/11. When you consider the central question posed by The Premise, introspection is the result. Only you know the answer… would you take the cure?

Andy Crossfield is a first-time author, a fact that may seem hard to believe to the readers of The Premise. Set in the very near future, the plot evolves quickly, moving from a scientist who finds himself killing his co-conspirator, to a prison corporation CEO, that devises the deaths of 13 inmates in order to cover up his larger crimes, to a famous criminologist/mystery writer who becomes entangled with a beautiful, violet-eyed geneticist and tries to uncover why she is being targeted.

The Premise explores the extremes of human nature and ingenuity, and through its many twists and didn’t-see-that-coming revelations, convincingly makes the case that humanity can indeed create a better future. Strap yourself in for one helluva ride. The Premise is an adventure you won’t want to put down!

Rating: 5 stars


The Premise by Andy Crossfield is a political crime fiction that will keep readers turning the pages. There’s enough action that moves the plot in a fast pace. The suspense will hang in the air like a thick-covered blanket until the ending. Andy Crossfield’s writing is brilliant. It combines science, politics, and crime all into one magnificent read. Technology and science hand-in-hand used to solve world issues like ending diseases. The Premise shows readers how easily corruption, greed, power can occur taking everything that is good and using it for the worst. As long as there, is good there will always be evil too. The characters come from all paths of life. Creating an interesting set of characters and a lot of twists. For those who love a good murder and suspense novel, this is definitely a must read. Once readers open this book, they will not want to stop reading it. Overall, I highly recommend this story to readers everywhere.


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