Review: Yellow Tulips & Red Buses

Yellow Tulips & Red Buses by [Kamaria, Adia]



London. What if she pursued her master’s at an English university? Or left Florida to its sun and swamps, and feasted her eyes instead on historic towers set against overcast skies? What if crossing the ocean was the path to a brighter future?

Stuck in a dismal job and entangled in a back-and-forth relationship, Adia Kamaria ponders this unexpected idea for quite a while before finally taking the plunge. But when she does, she does so wholeheartedly.

Yellow Tulips & Red Buses reads like a journal in its vulnerability and hopeful honesty as it recounts Adia’s romantic escapades—first with a young Pakistani bloke, followed by a Nigerian prince—and traces her travels in the United Kingdom and beyond when she’s not hard at work studying. While she quickly learns she can’t leave her problems behind, she does realize that a fresh perspective can do wonders for the soul.

An inspiring view of life and love through the eyes of a thirty-something woman who’s had her heart broken one too many times, this no-filters account will make you laugh, cry, and long for adventures of your own.

Rating: 5 stars


Yellow Tulips & Red Buses is another fabulous adventure by Adia Kamaria. It’s her own adventure and travels that she shares with us, readers. I absolutely loved being able to travel the world with her while still being safe in my room. Life, love, and lessons…all integrated beautifully within this book. A biographical journey of one woman’s road to finding and failing at love. To traveling the world and meeting new people as well as finding a peace within herself. I truly enjoyed getting to know the talented writer through this book. Truly an engaging story that readers won’t want to miss. Steady and exciting. Readers can feel the emotions as if the emotions were their very own. The scenes come to life and the words suck readers into the tale. Adia Kamaria brings an inspiring piece to readers everywhere. Funny, sad, and frustrating to acceptance of her life. I highly recommend this book to all.


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