Review: Until Someday

Until Someday (Emmett Roane Book 1) by [Ready, E.S.]



The year is 1927 and professional boxer Emmett Roane is losing his grip on reality. His career is faltering, memories of a lost love haunt him and the horrors of the Great War muddle his mind. Emmett’s past is hobbling his future, and no amount of booze or knockout blows can ease his painful memories.

Seeking solace in the place where he and his Anna had once been so happy, Emmett leaves Brooklyn for a few days alone in Newport at the gilded waterfront Hermann Hotel. During a fateful weekend as he tries to make peace with his ghosts, Emmett crosses paths with Maude Mable, a lively beauty with secrets of her own. But they soon learn the luxury hotel also hosts Luther Irvin, an opium-addicted mobster who is as violent as he is desperate.

When Emmett and Maude discover Luther’s hideous plan to wage war on a rival gang, the pair is thrust into a deadly match of wits and force. His back against the ropes, Emmett finds his quest for self-restoration has become a mission of survival—for him, Maude and everyone at the Hermann. Can Emmett Roane, a fighter who desperately seeks an elusive peace, halt the embodiment of evil while finding a way to heal his own heart and mind?

Rating: 5 stars


Until Someday by E.S. Ready is one of the most emotionally entertaining novels that I have ever read. This should become a big screen movie. Readers will be crying and feeling the pain. A boxer’s love for a woman he lost is stunning. The depth of that love has him falling down award fast. Until he meets Maude and fate has other plans for this hero. I felt that fate had a way of distracting this tough fighter. Somehow, along the way he found an inner peace. E.S. Ready wrote a beautifully engaging novel that readers everywhere won’t be forgetting anytime soon. A tale of loss, grief, and courage to move forward. Life does go on but it doesn’t mean those in our hearts will be forgotten. Overall, I highly recommend this stunning read to all.  



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