Review: Side Effects


Alan loves his new job. It’s in his field, he is paid well, and he works in a gorgeous building with a girl he has had a crush on since high school, Michelle. She works at a pharmaceutical company with headquarters in the same building. Michelle is stunning and fun, but she can be flaky at times. When Alan learns that she is working with a small group to go against the big pharmaceutical company because of a specific drug, Alan is intrigued. For this reason (and a very large paycheck), Alan takes a job offer from Michelle’s boss. Not only does he get paid well, he also gets to work with Michelle and help save the world from a dangerous drug. The more Alan uncovers, though, the more questions he has about what’s going on and how much time he has.

Rating: 5 stars


Side Effects by Owen Grant is a great thriller. His novella is a fast-paced intriguing read. Leaving readers on the edge of their seats filled with more questions and suspense that it’s brilliant. I loved the main character. A new IT man who runs into an old friend. An old friend who also happens to a crush of his. They meet up and it seems to have been fate bringing them back into each other’s life. However, once the character’s questions are answered he left with only so much time to put a stop to a pharmaceutical issues. New drugs. Battles aren’t always easy. A short conspiracy story worth every minute…overall, I highly recommend Side Effects to readers everywhere.