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She was born the a curse following their her veins. The day she was born, she received three curses. One was ugliness, another, was shyness, and last of all she’ll never know love. Unlike the girl being born the same day…she didn’t have a fairy to take away or lighten her curses. Forever, she will live a life of others making fun of her looks, she’ll never know how to exert herself in a situation, and lastly she’ll never feel what it like to have love or to be loved by another…
Tracey grew up to an awkward teenager. Her hair Raven black, eyes the deepest blues. Her ugliness took on many forms. From the battle of eczema to zits to a deformed leg. She walks but slowly. Her deformed leg makes it hard to keep up with her peers. School was great academically but the tea sings and troubles got worse with each passing year. Tracey grew to hate her classmates. She was already forming a plan to scare them all badly. Just as she was about to rig her chemistry project in a way that would send everyone out of the school building…a mysterious guy comes along behind her. Tracey doesn’t see him. But when he whispers that she wired the connections poorly and then demonstrates for her…all words are lost. Anger gone. She steps back and watches.. Her eyes capturing everything he did. Finally, he stepped back. Grabbed her hand and led her out of the building. 
So, why were you wiring a self destruct chemistry bomb that would send harmful chemicals flowing through the classroom and out into the halls when the bell for students to get to their next class rings? Or was that the plan? Do you really hate school? He asked her. 
No answer. Her eyes just growing larger…
I’m Mark. You are?
Still nothing…
Then without a word she took off running to home. 
Hey, wait! Where are you going? Why don’t you talk? Or can you not talk?
Tracey ran as fast as she could but her deformed leg caused her to fall forward fast. But just as she fell…Mark caught her. 
Got ya! Mark said grinning at her. 
Why did he help me? Why doesn’t he tease me? Why? Is this a way to torture me? Tracey thought. 
I just want to talk to you. I’m new here. Mark answered her unasked question.
I’m Tracey… Mark had to really strain his ears to hear the words that slipped from the girl’s mouth. She must be shy.
Hey, um…would you like to hang out for lunch tomorrow?
Tracey! Tracey get in her quick! Tracey’s mom shouted. 
Tracey stared at Mark a moment longer than ran to her mom. 
Okay, I guess that’s a no then. Mark thought. 
Just as he was leaving, Tracey ran back to him. Tapped him on the shoulder and nodded a yes. 
So, that’s a yes, right? Mark asked her.
Tracey nodded a yes once more than went back to her mom. 
To be continued…

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