Review: Common Stones

Common Stones: A glimpse into several different worlds, in an effort to become more acquainted with our own by [Alicia M. Smith]



Have you ever awakened from a restless night of sleep and just couldn’t do it—you couldn’t wear that mask another day, acting as though everything were “okay.” Could anyone possibly understand what you were going through? Or are you on the other side of that coin? Times are tough, though you know people have survived worse. But how do others overcome staggering mountains and valleys? What we wouldn’t give to absorb their wisdom.

Author Alicia M. Smith sought answers to the questions shared above, questions occupying real estate within the shadows of our minds. Her quest was to speak with said people. Those who understood the struggle and the loneliness—but who could also share their stepping stones toward higher ground.

The moments shared by these individuals are humbling, to say the least:
~A life-altering car accident
~A woman’s quest to escape addiction and life under a bridge
~A nurtured passion, years of hard work and memories, stolen by Hurricane Katrina
~A late-night phone call, notifying a woman that the police may have found her husband’s body
~A vision bestowed on a man, moving him and others to walk away from safety and toward the unknown

How do these anecdotes apply to you? Are there common denominators? Or are we all separated by our own circumstances and experiences? The lessons gleaned from these testimonies are invaluable—sparks of hope demanding to extinguish the shadows.

Rating: 5 stars


Common Stones by Alicia M. Smith is an inspiring collection of reads that will forever have a lure on readers worldwide. Here in this book, Common Stones, readers will be able to easily connect with each story and relate it to their own life’s struggles. Every day, we all face some kind of obstacles. Some of us face more than others. But by reading each page in this well-written book, we can find hope and a sense of calm for our own future and the present moment in which we’re at.

The organization of this valuable reading material is amazing. Common Stones is set up into three main sections, that introduces readers, to what’s at hand. Then sets them on to testimonials as well as an area of reflection. Each section sends readers into deep thought provoking sessions. Anyone can read this collection anytime and anywhere. It’s easy to read and follow along. Each individual story gives readers a tiny gift that they can take with them and carry with them for a lifetime. Not many nonfiction books can offer that to readers everywhere.  I loved how each story was unique and had a different scenario. The variety gives readers a bigger grasp on what happens to others and how we can overcome such feats. Struggles are hard…but Alica M. Smith not only tells but shows readers how to overcome these harsh barriers in our life that pop up…Many of these stories have lessons that we can learn no matter how young or old we are. I loved reading this powerful book and it’s a handy tool to keep around for when life does pull the rug from under our feet we can come back to Common Stones and remember that we are not alone and that we can survive. Overall,  I highly recommend this brilliant read to readers worldwide.

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