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Live Free or DIY is the time-starved small business owner’s survival guide!

From startup to growth to pivoting in a changing marketplace, Live Free or DIY reveals that small-business owners in every industry hit the same roadblocks — and that the solutions are within reach. Whether wrestling with customer acquisition, budgeting, time management skills, work-life balance, the headaches of red tape, or how to build a team,

Live Free or DIY is the ultra-practical guide you’ve been searching for.

The vast majority of small business owners encounter the same problems, on their road, to success: you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do in order to make your business as great as you know it can be; you know you need to focus on how to get more customers; you know you need to delegate and build a team to make operations hum; you know that better productivity habits and a few key management tools could go a long way; and you know you’ve got to improve your time-management skills — or you’ll never sleep again. In fact, after months and years of trying to build your business, you’re downright desperate for the work-life balance that will finally make your job sustainable.

It’s all here. In an easy-to-use format that systematically tackles the small business owner’s greatest challenges, Live Free or DIY answers all the questions you’ve been asking: How do I build a team — on a shoestring budget? How do I get more customers? How can I do the kind of marketing that will nail customer acquisition once and for all? How do I improve at time management? Is it possible to be a small business owner and achieve work-life balance?

In Live Free or DIY, you’ll find a simple strategy for properly valuing and allocating your time. You’ll also find the difference between “cheap” and “efficient,” how passion equals efficiency and boredom equaled bankruptcy, how breaking up “the value chain” is key to running a smart business, how the Business nModel Canvas can help you focus and build, and how you can develop a marketing plan that finally cracks customer acquisition.

Live Free or DIY is helping thousands of small business owners unleash the kind of explosive growth they had only dreamed about.

Rating: 5 stars


Live Free or DIY by Justin E. Crawford is the must have book for all business people and entrepreneurs. It’s the essential guide on how to do it all. Gain more customers,increase profits, achieve that great life and work balance and how to DIY as a small-business owner.

Live Free or DIY gives readers the step-by-step ladder with all the tools necessary to be successful. Our markets are constantly changing…starting a business is a scary mess and then keeping the business going is even harder. But with this book, it basically walks readers through it all. Start here…then go here…then here’s what you do. The chapters are well-written and easy to follow along.  It also is a great help for our digital  age and the toughest competitions that we have within our markets. When readers go into the business world, it’s a dog against a dog kind of war. Brand names can easily take smaller businesses out in a matter of time. Time, management and marketing strategies are discussed inside this stunning book. I loved it.

Live Free or DIY is a book that I will be keeping forever in my possession. It gave me tips, ideas, and a deeper understanding, in how to be more successful, within the business realm. This not just for those in business but for anyone including bloggers and others who have something to share or sell with the world. Justin E. Crawford’s book is one that I highly recommend to everyone worldwide. This was and is definitely a must read for all.

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