Review: Sealionaire (Book 1) 


Navy SEAL, Adam “Reaper” Dedman, has lost almost everything he holds dear, and is about to lose the last thing that’s keeping him alive – his career in the US Navy. 

After Reaper gets arrested for nearly killing five men in a bar fight, a mystery women, Olivia “O” Darling shows up, telling him she’s there to help him. That his life not over. In fact, it could be just beginning. All he has to do is agree to meet the father he’s never known. 
But Reaper isn’t big on the forgive and forget part. His dad was never part of his life in the past. Why now? Besides, he doesn’t have time for complications. The US Navy is looking to hammer him for the trouble he’s caused. So everything else will have to wait. And that includes the sexy Olivia Darling. 
Rating: 5 stars


Sealionaire (book one) by both M.S. Parker and Shiloh Walker is a brilliant short romance read. Hot, sexy, and irresistible…double check. Then, add in a powerful emotional journey. I was not only baited but hooked. This first book gave me the taste for the next masterfully written installment. There was action. Plenty of action to move readers forward. The writing duet also gavel sad yet heartfelt tug to the story. Danger, loss, grief and and spice that’s not quite clearly defined. That meant there might me more of the spicy scenes or less. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book. This one held several unexpected twists. Readers won’t know what hit them…overall, I loved this new romance. The writers style worked well. I fell in love with their work and look forward to the second one. I highly recommend Sealionaire to readers everywhere. 

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