Review: Sealionaire (book 2)


Former Navy SEAL Adam “Reaper” Dedman is cruising toward the bottom of the pit of despair. The Navy has washed their hands of him and now he’s got nothing else to do but waste the rest of his life. Or so he thinks. 

Down on his luck and running out of choices, Reaper agrees to meet the man who walked away from his mother. If not for anything else, it’ll give him another chance to get close to the mysterious but oh so sexy, Olivia “O” Darling. 
Rating: 5 stars


Sealionaire (book 2) is the second installment in the exciting hot new series by both M.S. Parker and Shiloh Walker. These two talented writers have definitely rocked the whole Navy Seal image. A young Navy Seal has been dealt a hard hand. Between watching his teammates die in battle and then coming home just in time to watch his mom die…it takes a toll on a man. Such a toll it took that Adam decided to pick a fight at a bar and send 5 guys to the hospital. He soon realizes that he’s put his only career and life on the line. Then just when he least expected it…a family member comes to his aide. The aide is in the form a tough looking woman who sends Adam’s senses into overdrive. The heat blows up with an intensity as well as the career. Just when the sexy Navy Seal thought he has had enough grief, he ends up losing another loved one. Loss, grief, and family are three important themes found in this stunning novella. I found myself addicted and lured right from the beginning. Once again, both M.S. Parker and Shiloh Walker have created another masterpiece for all to enjoy. Overall, I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading the next one. 

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