Review: Clarence Olgibee


It starts with a murder.

In 1974, 17-year-old Jimmy Tate Sullivan watched his two friends bludgeon to death a black man. Sentenced to life for abetting the crime, Sullivan is initiated into a white- supremacist church by a fellow convict, once the best friend of an African-American teenager, Clarence Olgibee.
Shifting back to 1954, this family saga is about race, religion, and the powerful white men in a sleepy Midwestern town who plan a new world order Olgibee tries to escape.
Small choices have fateful consequences- in this life and the next. Olgibee’s choices lead him back to the two women he loved and an ultimate decision. (less)
Rating: 5 stars

Clarence Oglibee by Alan S. Kessler is an intriguing yet dark tale. One that shows the true ugliness of human nature. Racism is just a nightmare in fiction but in the real world too. No matter how many years go by there will always be racism issues bringing down people everywhere. Society is to blame. Yet it’s also the people who build up that society. 

Alan S. Kessler’s writing is superb. I was pulled into the plot instantly. The story held me captive. Sending shivers down my spine and suspense was like a thick heavy blanket. Brutal, raw, and an honest telling of how these situations occur everywhere. Racism has been imprinted upon birth almost programmed into our DNA. Generation after generation and still the struggles are real. Black seems to be forever lost in world not ready to let go of it’s evilness. The words are three dimensional. Popping to life with every page. The action is intense. Leaving me sitting on the edge of my chair holding in my breath.  

Consequences of cruelty stays pressed up in one’s mind forever. The images never fade. That’s exactly where Jimmy Tate Sullivan lies. His friends beat to death an innocent black man on the streets. A man that was heading home. Yet the white young men were drunk and looking for trouble. Trouble came and cost a man his life. Jimmy ended up spending time in jail. As rightly so. The plot gets darker as the story continues to unfold for the main character. Choices have to be made. Danger hangs tightly in the air. 

Overall, I highly recommend this stunning yet realistic tale to readers worldwide.