Review: Seasoned to Kill



Robert Klayman, former Los Angeles private investigator, is a wanted man. Out of prison, blacklisted and broke, he falls in with a local gangster and is soon on his way to Odessa, Ukraine, to move a stolen Rembrandt out of the country under the eyes of the Russian mob. Klayman is offered a bonus along with it – a hit job on a suspected war criminal. Each step of the way Klayman must play by the laws of the jungle, while chasing a dream that’s soaked in blood at every turn.

Rating: 5 stars


Seasoned to Kill by G.J. Prager spins a whole new twist to a the work of a PI. Imagine going to prison and then coming out of there only to do work that may put one back inside that hell hole. Readers will get to travel in this read. From California to Ukraine readers will have an adventure of a lifetime. G.J. Prager brings readers a dark world both cruel and fascinating. Danger is so common that it just comes with the main character’s line of work. Intriguing, exciting, and truly a page turner, Seasoned to Kill will capture readers’ attention. As for Robert Klayman, the main character, his internal struggle is fun to to watch as the plot develops with ever page. I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere. 



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