Review: The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary 


 These days, there is no such thing as politics as usual. So Americans who care about the future of this country need books on politics that don’t pull any punches. The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary comes out swinging and doesn’t stop till the last page. These political, ideological, and philosophical essays are like nothing readers have ever seen. After three decades of writing on these topics, author Oscar J. Phillips delivers incisive analysis, using humor and curve balls to keep readers on their toes. At times, readers may feel their blood boil as they read the in-your-face, put-you-on-the-spot truth, but Phillips’s controversial stance offers truth that can’t be denied. He does not dance around taboo or provocative subjects but instead offers refreshingly undiluted conservativism with super-sharp accuracy. As unorthodox as The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary may be, it nevertheless fills a gap in political literature. Phillips offers unconventional political thoughts printed nowhere else.

Rating: 5 stars


The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary by Oscar J. Phillips is an interesting read. It brings up a lot of strong issues that can bring heated arguments towards one’s way, if spoken. However, I found that what the writer mentioned was true. It’s scary to know any writer writing about politics and government stuff to mention things one already agrees or disagrees to. When it comes to these topics, I want to say I know what they are…but when discussing it to an opposer it’s hard to really discuss something I only know pieces about…that’s where this book comes in handy. I found myself intrigued and educated. Plenty of topics to keep readers turning the pages and rereading it. The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary is am excellent choice for learning, discovering, and exploring topics like socialism, race, liberalism an many others. Readers may find themselves familiar with such terminology but really how much do readers really, and I mean honestly know about them? Oscar J. Phillips created the best handy book for readers everywhere to take with them knowledge and an education over some issues. I enjoyed reading this book, and I recommend it to all. 

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