Review: Jack and Jill Went Downhill

Jack and Jill Went Downhill by [Gould, R J]



Jack and Jill meet on Freshers Big Party Night at university and for both of them it’s love at first sight. Despite their backgrounds, personalities and interests being poles apart, the relationship flourishes during their university years. It’s not quite as comfortable when their studies are over and they start work, Jack in the City and Jill as a teacher.

Way back when they first met, they’d shared the joke that their names were those of the nursery rhyme. Down the line, they fail to recognise that their lives are matching the plot – Jack falls down and Jill comes tumbling after.

Their relationship is on the rocks. Can it survive?

Rating: 4 stars


Jack and Jill Went Downhill by R.J. Gould is a great read. The beginning moved too slow for my own interest. However, the middle was where it got super interesting. I mean there was action and all to enjoy. I felt that R.J. Gould could have left off the first part aka the beginning or shortened to a bits and pieces throughout the book like a flashback from the characters’ standpoint. The characters’ emotional journey hit it off in the middle. The ending made me wish the book wasn’t ending quite yet. The romance between the main characters is symbolic in many ways. I thought the portrayal of the romance between them was real. I can’t see most humans forgiving so easily all the time like most novel would have us readers think is believable. The realistic side of relationships can come off harsh and difficult. But that’s life. The story overall, was entertaining once the action started to come into play. Then, from there the rest was highly entertaining. I enjoyed the title and how the story captured the title onto its pages. I would recommend this read to others.

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