Review: Fukushima and the Coming Tokyo Earthquake


This book details the story of two earthquakes, one that has already happened and one that is imminent, and their consequences, not only for Japan but also for the rest of the world. It is structured in a way that ‘chunks up’ in sections, from Japanese cultural elements, to the sequence of events after the earthquake and reactor meltdowns, through to global consequences of the two quakes.

The radioactive leaks from the Fukushima reactors have led to an abandonment of nuclear power by many countries. This will have consequences in a world where exponential use of fossil fuels is causing global warming. In addition, this book shows that the world’s advanced economies are heavily dependent on Japanese technology and components, supplies of which will be seriously restrained when a large earthquake strikes near Tokyo. The cost of rebuilding one of the world’s biggest metropolises after a large earthquake has been estimated at up to $1.45 trillion, around a third of Japan’s GDP. At least part of this amount will likely come from selling a portion of Japan’s $1 trillion in US treasury bonds. This is turn will have knock-on effects on the world’s fragile economies.

Rating: 5 stars


Fukushima and the Coming Tokyo Earthquake by Tony Smyth is a great informative yet educational read. There’s a lot that many such as myself don’t know that about the situation ahead. Tony Smyth provides stunning questions that all would have while reading his book. But he also goes on to explain the answers. Each chapter was well-organized and easy to digest. 

Earthquake disasters, financial costs, and the potential damages caused by such natural disasters are all covered inside this book. Technology lies in Japan. The same technology most of the world relies on…yet it’s located where the most damage can be done. Why? Imagine relying on one resource then it being destroyed. Humans think nature is not worth taking serious until it happens to them. Peoples lives are in danger due to companies not doing what they should. Currently studying PR and this book shows horrifying PR situations. Deadly…costly…and shocking. The truths and dangers are quite interesting. Economies are already in bad shape then Fukushima provides a nightmare revelation that that can make economies disappear. Tony Smyth’s writing style was not boring, it was intriguing. I had to keep on reading until the end of the book. Readers will want to read this. I recommend it to all.

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