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Clayton Rand is the most talented computer forensic designer on the planet. He thinks. The Fortune 500 and the government line up for his protective firewalls. He’s on top of the world and untouchable until a local scandal ignites a passion for justice in him that has the potential to rage out of control.

He’ll use his considerable technical skill to punish corrupt politicos and business leaders who weather their screaming headlines and come out unscathed. No longer. But soon computer manipulation isn’t enough.

Someone is going to get hurt… Bad.

Ripped from current headlines, The New Illuminati chronicles a unique group of friends who pool their varied talents to right the injustices parlayed by the powerful. Digital attacks mushroom into physical assaults, a reluctant District Attorney, unsure whether to arrest the group or join them, teams with the FBI and the chase is on! Copy cats spring up as the nation’s weariness of unchecked and unpunished corruption surfaces and spills blood on the corridors of power.

While the guilty scramble from the line of fire, The New Illuminati wrestle with their new-found power. How far? How many? How much? How high up the political food chain? And when will enough be enough?

When an old love exposes the vulnerabilities of both the pursued and pursuer, decisions will be made that will break hearts and maybe bodies.

Rating: 5 stars


The New Illuminati by David-Michael Harding is a stunning yet explosive read. We all have imagined a way for the powerfully rich who are corrupted to suffer. Yet nothing ever happens bad to them. Suddenly, a group of people, decide to take matters into their own hands. This is one political crime thriller all will want to read. The action is fast, the risks are high, and the danger is real. 

When I read this title, I was intrigued. I wondered okay this sounds good…and what happens. From the beginning to end I was thrilled. David-Michael Harding’s writing has a way of sucking me in and leaving me holding my breath. The plot could end in so many ways. The intrigue was killing me. Not knowing what the consequences will be or how far the group was willing to go kept me on edge. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. Clayton Rand is a fascinating character to follow. His journey is one enormous thrill ride. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to all. The New Illuminati is definitely a must read. 

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